Stress and Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Change can be a good thing. Change can be a hard thing. Often the biggest need is to recognize and mark the impact it has on us. Grief is not limited to the loss of people you love; it can come unexpectedly in response to major transitions and changes. If you are navigating a new season, counseling can help you lean into the resilience and depth brought within that change.

“The only thing permanent in life is change. Resilience is getting better at managing change.”

Longmont Counseling offers counseling across the lifespan, recognizing that life requires growth and learning at all ages. We operate from a strength-based approach that values resiliency for our clients. Proactive support during times of high stress can prevent loss of mental health and encourage positive coping.

“IFS promotes presence, patience, perspective, persistence and playfulness.”

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed Care

Using IFS theory can help us reconcile healthy and unhealthy patterns within us through a mindful inventory of inner experience. The theory proposes that we all have several parts within us that can, when life gets challenging, force us into unhealthy or extreme roles. We find this mindful perspective supports clients who have difficulty exiting their mental spirals and get lost in the conflict of inner dialogue. This approach is also effective for supporting growth and recovery for “old-injuries” or complex-trauma. Life adds layers to our stories and this approach seeks meaning and value in each of those chapters.