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The first step towards change is recognizing something could be better. Modern life includes disconnection, over-stimulation and unrealistic demands. Counseling can be the empowering first-step you need to find more peaceful relationships with yourself, your family and your community.

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If you are seeking greater mental and emotional wellness for yourself and your family, schedule a free consultation to discuss how counseling might help.
Mary Ellen strives to make her clients experts of their own experience and learn how to live healthier fuller lives. Clients can expect authentic insight and a perspective that comes from over 13 years of clinical experience and evidenced-based practice.

Health does not exist without Mental Wellness. Our bodies, our behaviors, our relationships– these are very real barometers of our health.

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Mission Statement

Longmont Counseling Center strives to provide highly collaborative and empowering mental health counseling and coaching for individuals and families of the greater Longmont area.


Thoughts are powerful. By learning how our thoughts and beliefs impact our outlook, our behaviors, and ultimately our relationships, we can find the ways we often undermine ourselves. We can also create great strength when we learn how to connect actions directly with our values. Approaches include principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Polyvagal theory and neuroscience.


Understanding and accepting our own experience is essential and not as intuitive as we think. We can exist in survival-mode for so long we begin to run on auto-pilot. Using mindfulness practice and IFS (Internal Family Systems) techniques we can reconnect with our bodies, our values and our needs. Connection with others is also vital. Learning strategies to overcome patterns of hurt and defensiveness and create new vulnerability and connection are also important goals for counseling services. Whether parent-coaching, family sessions or just learning to change your own approach to relationships, therapy can help.


You may think you are the only person who finds small, seemingly “normal” parts of life difficult. One in five adults in the United states struggle with mental wellness each year and 17% of youth ages 6-17. Fortunately there are very real things we can all do to improve our mental health. Counseling works to find personalized goals to help life feel possible and even hopeful again.

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